The main advantages for Rubberized Asphaltic Binder Material is its durability and its simplicity in the application. The application process are swift and the servicing of Asphaltic Plug Joint is simple.

At Omitech Road Systems, we specialize in using FEBA Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint Binder for various movement application in relation to the depth of the trench. 

FEBA AP Bridge Joint can accommodate various movement from up to 45mm, 45-70mm, and 70-95mm.


Rubberized Bridge Joint Panel has multiple advantages that includes corrosive resistant elastomer casing, accommodates skew movement, factory vulcanized kerb and skew kerb units to special order. Rubberized Bridge Joint Panel provides excellent waterproofing property and corrosion resistant property.

Rubber Panel Bridge Joint used at Omitech Road Systems are Doshin Rubber and Transflex Rubber Panel Bridge Joint. The movement accommodation for Rubber Panel Bridge Joint ranges from 20mm to an extreme of 1600mm.

Bridge Expansion Joint

Bridge Expansion Joint is one of the most commonly used bridge joint system due to the long lasting durability and the ease of servicing and maintenance. BEJ systems should be maintained regularly and a well maintained BEJ system could last up to 20 years in its service life.

The Bridge Expansion Joint system used at Omitech Road Systems are based on UK bridge joint technology USL. The movement accommodation for BEJ systems can range from 35mm up to 150mm.

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