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The material used for pavement marking varies greatly from each other. Some material offers great high skid resistance for road users while some material offers great durability and reliability. For each individual application, different materials are required in order to maximize their effectiveness.


Thermoplastic is a material that offers great durability and its reflective properties ensures enhanced safety. Thermoplastic also offers good skid resistance during wet conditions therefore making thermoplastic the ideal material for road line pavement marking.


The application for paint material is fast in comparison to other material making re-marking using paint fast and efficient. Paint also has decent reflective properties during wet and dry condition.


Polyurethane is mainly used for car park marking because polyurethane is a flexible and soft material. Cleaning oil spillage and dirt on polyurethane surface is also very simple because of the properties of polyurethane's high oil and dirt resistance. Polyurethane's main advantages attributes to its flexibility and impact resistance to cracking therefore making it an ideal choice for car park marking.


Application of pavement marking is also very important as it is one of major role of making sure that the marking last as long as it is advertised. There are different types of machinery to its application.


Extrusion Road Line Marking is the most efficient and durable road marking today. Thermoplastic material is pressurized and forced through a mold in turn creating a ribbon strip on the road. The ribbon strip have a constant thickness because the thickness of the material is being controlled by computer on board making the ribbon strip of the material to remain at a constant thickness throughout the whole application. Extrusion marking provides high reflective index because the dispensing of material and glass beads is controlled via computer to ensure best ratio of material and glass beads is embedded into the material.


Spray Road Line Marking has the fastest application and it is great for remarking old road line. Spray road line marking makes re-marking efficient because the material is sprayed on top of existing material making it very efficient. Spray road line marking is also great for high friction application and water run off because of the thin layer of material being applied to the surface.


Screed Road Line Marking is the most matured and cost-effective road marking application. Screed road line marking has been proven with time with its reliability because it efficiently and accurately lay down the material to the surface. Screed road marking is the most common type of application and the quality of the application depends on the quality of the skilled worker.

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