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Signboard is crucial to everyday road users because it efficiently guides the road users to their destination. It is often overlooked at the importance of the durability of signboard material in relation their reflectivity. Signboard stickers comes in different grade ranking from Diamond Grade, High Intensity Prismatic, and Engineering Grade.


Diamond Grade offers the best reflectivity and durability for road users at night to avoid any black spots on the signboard. Diamond Grade is great for highways with high volume because it has the highest reflective properties.


High Intensity Prismatic is one of more common material requested for highway signboard because it of the value HIP offers. HIP is great for roads with medium to high volume traffic because HIP has high reflective properties while at the same time, offering great value in return.

Engineering Grade sticker is the most commonly used signboard for low traffic volume and slow area that requires less reflectivity to guide the road users at night. 

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