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Unwanted materials on the road are often classified as hazardous to on going road users. In order to improve the safety of the road users, waterblasting is the best solution for any redundant road line or unwanted material be removed. Removing unwanted material on the road not only improves the safety for the road users, but also improves the quality and durability of the road itself.


Waterblasting road line removal is the most advanced and eco-friendly way of removing road lines. By using ultra high pressured water, the road line is lifted off from the surface and into the vacuum in the truck to prevent pollution to the environment, and it is user friendly.

Furthermore, waterblasting technology is not only limited to removing road line marking, waterblasting can also remove oil spillage, rubber deposits on the touch down area of the airport runway, and many other materials without damaging the surface below. Waterblasting technology is the most advanced technology in removing unwanted material on any road surface.

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